The comfort and safety of our patients is our priority. The anesthesia team at Bitxos veterinaris performs pain management during and after surgical procedures, for a quick and painless recovery.

Our operating room is equipped with the latest technologies with the sole objective of maximizing the safety of our patients and performing high-level surgeries. Our updated techniques allow us to be minimally invasive and make the smallest incisions and ensure a quick recovery.

Our veterinarians will accompany you throughout the entire process, giving you all the options to make decisions together regarding treatment options. We understand that having your pet in surgery can be stressful, we are by your side every step of the way.


We practice minimally invasive surgery. This veterinary specialty consists of introducing a camera into a cavity in the animal’s body and from other points introducing the instruments necessary to perform the surgery. The entire surgical operation is viewed in real time through an HD quality screen located in the same operating room (examples: biopsies of internal organs, extraction of foreign bodies, rhinoscopy, etc.)

Collaboration with:
Laparoendovet (link a
Victor Trilla (traumatologist)

  • general surgery (castration, sterilization, …)
  • Mouth cleaning/oral hygiene
  • soft tissue surgery
  • traumatology surgery
  • minimally invasive surgery
  • corrective surgery of the soft palate (Bulldogs, Carlino, Boston Terrier, …)
  • endoscopy
  • inhalation anesthesia and highly equipped operating theatre

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